terça-feira, 6 de maio de 2014

Ludum Dare 29 - 48 hour compo entry

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The first thing I thought when I saw the ludum dare theme is, "A game with a submarine". OK! So Obvious! So I started the game concept and drawed things and thing and then after 2 hours of brainStorm with my self, I have this result!
GameConcept - first version
In this image you can see two portraits, a captain on the top and a diver at the bottom. Using the RiverRider concept, I used the gasoline feature, my first ideia was "you need to collect fragment of gasoline to survive". As you can see I drawed a submarine on the right and the diver on the left (3 pixels arts) and at bellow an map with a treasure. And to get these treasure, you need to escape from monsters sea.

GameConcept - final version 

This is the final version of the game concept. Now this idea is more elaborate. The player should change the character during the game. The submarine is resistant to monsters sea, but can't access some places, the diver is weak and needs oxygen to survive, but has the advantage of passing through places where the submarine can't.

As strategy for this LudumDare, I decided to draw the game concept first and work on all the ideas and then start to program. With most of the game designed and conceptualized, I started programming the features, I've had several ideas for programming and it could suit me with the development as a whole.